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Why Get Domain Name from eWallHost?

With every Domain get INR 5000 worth free services

Free DNS

Free DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s equivalent form of a telephone directory. Each domain in the World Wide Web has an IP address associated with it. The job of a DNS server is to find the IP address of the website requested by the user.

While some providers charge for DNS, at eWallHost we offer premium DNS services at the cost of zero. Our highly redundant DNS servers are always at your disposal.

Free Theft Protection

Free Theft Protection

Domain hijacking is a serious issue which happens when an unauthorized user transfers your domain to their own account without your knowledge. It is basically a digital theft.

To avoid this we provide a comprehensive solution to protect your domain from unauthorized users and domain hijackers.

Free Email Accounts

Free Email Accounts

Why waste your money buying a separate email hosting plan, when all you need is just one or two personalized email accounts. With each domain, we offer 2 free email accounts with 100 MB of storage space.

If you need more than two personalized email account, check out our affordable email hosting plans.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

When a new domain is registered the contact details like phone number and email id of the domain owner will be available in the public domain.

This details can be accessed via several free WHOIS lookup services. To protect your privacy we offer low-cost privacy protection service which can be added while purchasing the domain.

Free Domain Forwarding

Free Domain Forwarding

We offer free Domain Forwarding service with every domain you purchase. So, you do not need a Web Hosting just to redirect your domain to another URL.

Free Tech Support

Free Tech Support

Unlike other Hosting providers, we do not charge any Fee in the name of priority or privileged support. If you are our customer then you will get the Technical support free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name is an address through which a user can access your website. There are two parts in every domain and they are the name of the domain and the extension. For example, in “” the first part “ewallhost” is the name of the domain and the “.com” is the extension.

If you want to promote your brand online or need a platform for your business, the best way to do is via launching a website. The starting point of every website is a domain name. The Domain Name gives an identity to you or your brand in the World Wide Web (or Internet).

Registering a domain has never been this simple. Enter the domain in the search box at the top of this page. If the domain you are looking for is available, click “Register” which will take you to the checkout page for payment. Check out the step by step guide for registering a domain name.

Looking for the best domain name for your business? No matter what kind of domain name you are looking for and what your desired domain extension is, we are here to help you with everything you need. It is high time to visit us and search out the favorite domain name you are looking for. You can buy it instantly with our user-friendly and amazing domain registration platform.

Why Us for Domain Name Registration Why Us for Domain Name Registration?

We are the number 1 in offering cheap domain names, hence try us and you will be happy with the facility and services you get. With us, you can meet all your demands at one place.

Our pricing is completely transparent and you can also check out full domain pricing before purchasing. Hence the price you’ll see is the price you pay and there are no hidden fees. We are in the industry for years and registering domain/s with us is much quicker and easier. You can easily check out our handy Domain tool, which allows you to search for the domains you are looking for. You will also get various suggestions.  We will help you in saving time and put on efforts so that you don’t face any complexities or tech issues while registering a domain with us.

Get Domain Extension Of Your Choice Get Domain Extension Of Your Choice

Looking for .com, .UK, or .CA or any other domain extension or domain names? Check out our offer, you can easily register your domain without any hassle. It’s a good idea to buy same domain name with different extensions for your business website as it will help you to protect your brand from your rivalries who are trying day and night to register similar names. If you don’t want to lose anything or don’t want to regret later, just a small step will help you to protect your brand and will give you enough room to grow and expand your business internationally.

Need Help in Registering Domain Name Need Help in Registering Domain Name?

Are you not a tech-savvy and don’t know anything about domain registration service? Well, it is an easy process, just try on your own or you can directly talk to our team who will make everything easier for you. With us get quick, easy to remember and cheap domains as well as you can buy or transfer the domain names one at a time or in bulk.

With us, you will be able to go with the instant registration facility and you can get your favorite domain at an affordable rate which you can’t find anywhere around the globe. Also, we are in business for years so that you don’t have to worry because your domain is with a trusted provider. All the registration will be in your name only and get other freebies like free email ids and web forwarding services. There are no long term contract and if you need any help, you can call our experts for help and support. Also, domain renewal is easier and we assure you that, you will enjoy the process.