Dev License: This installation of WHMCS is running under a Development License and is not authorized to be used for production use. Please report any cases of abuse to [email protected]

Dedicated Servers - Swiss

Cetus X 8 Available
Corvi I
Corvi V
Draco C
Draco D
Draco I
Draco ID 2 Available
Draco IL 2 Available
Draco IM
Draco IV
Draco IX
Draco L
Draco M
Draco V
Draco VX 8 Available
Gamma HD 9 Available
Gamma RSN
Gamma SX 1 Available
Lambda 2 Available
Lambda E
Leo 1 Available
Lepus 2 Available
Lepus I
Lepus L
Lepus V 1 Available
Lepus X
Libra 2 Available
Libra C
Libra D
Libra I 1 Available
Libra L
Libra M
Libra V
Libra X
Lyra 1 Available
Lyra C
Lyra D
Lyra I
Lyra L
Lyra V
Lyra X
Next 5 Available
Omega 6 Available
Omega S
Omega X
Storage F
Storage L 1 Available
Storage W 2 Available
Storage WX
Taurus I 2 Available
Taurus V
Virgo 1 Available
Virgo I

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