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Cheap and Affordable Linux Hosting

Get low-cost Linux hosting from India’s most affordable web hosting provider


 1 Domain(s)  1 GB Disk Space  Unlimited Bandwidth  5 MySQL DB  5 Email Accounts
$18.05 /1yr
  • $18.05 /1yr
    $19.00 /1yr
    SAVE 5%
  • $31.50 /2yr
    $35.00 /2yr
    SAVE 10%
  • $59.00 /3yr


 5 Domains  5 GB Disk Space  Unlimited Bandwidth  5 MySQL DB  5 Email Accounts
$51.30 /1yr
  • $51.30 /1yr
    $54.00 /1yr
    SAVE 5%
  • $90.00 /2yr
    $100.00 /2yr
    SAVE 10%
  • $126.00 /3yr


 Unlimited Domains  25 GB Disk Space  Unlimited Bandwidth  Unlimited MySQL DB  Unlimited Email Accounts
$95.00 /1yr
  • $95.00 /1yr
    $100.00 /1yr
    SAVE 5%
  • $171.00 /2yr
    $190.00 /2yr
    SAVE 10%
  • $290.00 /3yr


 Unlimited Domains  100 GB Disk Space  Unlimited Bandwidth  Unlimited MySQL DB  Unlimited Email Accounts
$142.50 /1yr
  • $20.00 /mo
  • $40.00 /3mo
  • $85.00 /6mo
  • $142.50 /1yr
    $150.00 /1yr
    SAVE 5%
  • $243.00 /2yr
    $270.00 /2yr
    SAVE 10%
  • $400.00 /3yr

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Why Choose Linux Shared Hosting?


Low-Cost Hosting

The open source nature of the Linux and the toolsets allow us to provide low-cost Linux hosting plans.


Free SSL

Every hosting package comes with Free SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt.


Free Email Accounts

Why get Email hosting? Our Linux hosting plans comes with free personalized Email accounts.


Free Website Builder

Not a developer? Use our free Drag & Drop website builder to create stunning websites. Check out the Site Builder Demo.


Free SEO Tools

Improve your websites ranking on search engines using our free SEO tools.


Free Website Migration

If you already have a website with another hosting provider, our technical team will help you to migrate it to the eWallHost.


Free Backup

We take weekly backup of your website so that you can restore it anytime you want. Get CodeGuard for the daily backup facility.


Ease of Use

With cPanel, managing your website is never been this easy. The DirectAdmin control panel will be provided for NGINX hosting.



At eWallHost, we take necessary measures to provide secure and efficient shared hosting.


Linux Hosting With cPanel

cPanel is one of the popular web hosting control panels used on Linux hosting environment. It gives simple and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface to manage your website.

Our Linux hosting plans come with cPanel and Apache server configuration. You don’t have to install any software, as cPanel can be accessed using a web browser. This configuration is powered by CloudLinux OS which provides a secure and efficient shared hosting environment.

cPanel provides many functionalities, some of them are:

  • File Manager to access your website files
  • FTP Accounts and Web Disk
  • Domain related functionalities like creating Add-on domains and Subdomains
  • Accessing Database
  • Adding CronJobs

DirectAdmin Panel With NGINX Server

If you opt for the NGINX Server configuration you will get DirectAdmin control panel to manage your website. Like cPanel, DirectAdmin also provides several functionalities like File Manager, FTP Accounts, DNS Management, and so on.

The DirectAdmin panel can be accessed via a web browser. One advantage of DirectAdmin is that it is the fastest control panel available and also relatively stable and efficient.


High Traffic Website? Get Powerful VPS Hosting

Is your website getting lots of traffic? Are you looking at hosting options for your Business website? Check out our high-performance VPS hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Linux Hosting

What does Linux Shared Hosting mean?

Shared hosting is basically an environment where multiple websites are hosted in a single physical server and resources of the server are shared among them.

In a Linux Shared Hosting the shared server runs on a Linux based Operating System. Shared environment and using open source Linux server helps us to provide web hosting at a low-cost.

How to choose between Apache and NGINX server?

Our Linux hosting comes in two flavors one is powered by Apache server and another one is by NGINX server.

Which one to choose Apache or NGINX? Both of them will work fine for most websites. But many benchmark results show that NGINX is 2.5 times faster than Apache when it comes to serving static web pages.

So you can choose Linux Hosting with NGINX configuration if your website is going to be static. If it is dynamic you can consider Linux Hosting with Apache because of the flexibility it offers.

What to choose? Linux Hosting with cPanel or DirectAdmin

cPanel is the de facto offering in many shared hosting. But in recent years, control panels like DirectAdmin have also improved a lot to match the features provided by the cPanel.

Our hosting plans with Apache sever comes with cPanel while the ones with NGINX server comes with DirectAdmin. Both of them are good at performing all common tasks.

Is Linux Hosting better than Windows Hosting?

The obvious difference here is the operating system, one comes with a Linux based OS while the Windows hosting comes with Windows Server OS.

Both Linux and Windows hosting have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Linux hosting costs less when compared to Windows hosting because of license cost associated with Windows server OS.

So it is how you are going to develop your website that decides which hosting to choose. If you are going to use PHP, Apache/NGINX, MySQL or Wordpress then choose Linux hosting. But if you are going to use ASP.NET, IIS, and SQL Server choose one of our Windows Hosting plans.

What type of websites are supported in Linux Shared Hosting?

Our Linux hosting supports all type of sites like static, e-commerce, WordPress, and custom built dynamic websites. If you want to host an e-commerce website kindly choose ePremium or eMax plan for better performance.

How to transfer my existing website to eWallHost’s Linux Hosting?

It only takes a few simple steps to migrate your website from another hosting provider to eWallHost.

If you already have a copy of your website you can upload them using an FTP client like WinSCP or FileZilla. You can also upload the website files via cPanel and DirectAdmin.

If you need any help? Feel free to call us on +91 44 4865 4323 or email to [email protected]

How many websites can I host in a single package?

In eBasic and eProfessional plans, you can host one and five websites respectively. If you choose ePremium or eMax plan you can host an unlimited number of websites in a single hosting package.

How can I speed up my website?

You can do the following optimization to improve your website’s loading speed:

  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests.
  • Minify and combine CSS files.
  • Minify and defer JavaScript.
  • If using WordPress, remove unnecessary plugins.
  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

What is a CDN?

A CDN is a network of servers which allows fast transfer of website assets like images, videos, CSS files, and so on. This network of servers is distributed across the globe so that your website contents can be transferred faster.

For example, consider a website is hosted on a web hosting server located in the Netherlands. Now when a user tries to access the website from India the CDN will transfer the website assets from a proxy server located in India or near to India.

How can I speed up my website?

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Got to the Software section and click on the Cloudflare icon.
  3. Now you will be taken to Cloudflare page where you can follow the given procedure to create a free account.

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